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22.04.2014 // Fiilis - We Love Carnival (by Karo)


Fiilis was all about, as usual, having fun with friends; spinning quality house music with groovy beats!

- Karo

19.04.2014 // SILVR Presents: Bingo Players (By: Tero)

Leeeeeet's BINGO!


06.04.2014 // Pori2Ibiza Presents: Hilton Caswell (By: Tero)

Moar good times, moar Ibiza times. This was a superb mini tour, WOW - MUCH APPRECIATED - SUCH FUN!

- Tero

p.s. btw, what do you think of a hipster style edit of images?-)

04.04.2014 // JKL2Ibiza Presents: Hilton Caswell (By: Tero)

Good times, ibiza times ;)


20.03.2014 // Bass - 4th Anniversary (by Timo)

4 years of Bass

and more to come..

Check out the pics, Aye!

- Timo

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