3 Common Leather Jacket Styles Men Must Include In Their Wardrobe

The Racer Jacket

It is a centre zipper jacket, traditionally using a ring collar, with layout details that are minimal.  Timeless racer jacket pockets are tight.  The ease of the jacket makes it a jacket to utilize.

The A2 Flight Jacket

Sometimes known as a “flight jacket” or even “bomber”, the A2 is initially a military designed pilot leather jacket. A placket for protection from the end often covers the middle front zipper.  Details include ribbed cuffs and also hems, together with two big flap pockets.  Insulated to maintain pilots hot in high altitudes, A2s are cropped to make it straightforward when sitting to use.  Some will have fur collars, and it is a detail in the G1 version that is more recent.

The MA1 Bomber

Like the bomber, the MA1 will be a military layout, and can be made in nylon.  The expression for the particular jacket is a bomber.  Some features to distinguish it from both the A2: slit pockets and ribbed collar rather than both front flap pockets, and a zipper pocket on the sleeve.  This is among the most popular jacket fashions and is embraced in leather, even though sleeker than the puffy variant of the jacket.

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